Monday, October 12, 2009

What can homeschoolers do to support Parents First legislation?

If you support the Parents First legislation, then contact your local representatives and explain that the duty of a parent to instruct his child
supersedes the state's duty.

If you need to find your representative, go to Who's my legislator?

If you need help arguing in defense of this proposal, read the old archived newspaper articles found on this website, read the early statutes of our state and province, and consider the following:
  • Parents who instruct their children are not public educators and should not be treated as such. Why does the state require oversight of parents, but not other non-public educators? This is not equal treatment under the law. Parents deserve better!
  • In free societies, governments are accountable to the people, not the other way around. Parents instructing their own children should not be regulated by the government.
  • Without the current adversarial home education law, parents would be able to talk candidly with their school districts if they needed assistance. Without fear of probation or termination of their education program, parents could openly ask for help with math or science if help was needed. This would improve the quality of education for our children.
  • With Parents First legislation, parents could return to the important task of instructing their child. No more endless legislative battles over regulation. Peace and stability would return to our homes and the education committee.
  • In 1871 the N.H. legislature wrote the first compulsory attendance law. It recognized parents who were responsibly instructing their children at home. These parents were not subjected to state oversight when instructing their child at home in 1871. Parent should not be subjected to state oversight today.

A House Bill number will be assigned in the next couple of weeks.