Friday, October 23, 2009

The Public Statutes of the State of New Hampshire in 1891

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John B. Clark, Public Printer.

The Public Statutes
Chapter 94. Scholars

Sect. 6. By-laws as to truants. (1852, 1278. C.S. 78:1. G.S. 83:6. G.L. 91:6)
(page 264)
Districts may make by-laws, not repugnant to law, concerning habitual truants and children between the ages of six and sixteen years not attending school and not having a regular and lawful occupation, and to compel the attendance of such children at school and may annex penalties for the breach thereof not exceeding ten dollars for each offense.

Sect. 14. Parents to send children to school. (1871 2:1. G.L. 91:14.)
(page 265)

Every person having the custody and control of any child between the ages of eight and sixteen years, residing in any school district in which a public school is annually taught, shall cause such child to attend public school for twelve weeks at least in every year, six weeks at least of which attendance shall be consecutive, unless such child shall be excused by the school board of the district because his physical or mental condition is such as to prevent his attendance at school for the period required, or because he was instructed in a private school for at least twelve weeks during the year in the common English branches or, having acquired those branches, in other more advanced studies.