Sunday, October 4, 2009

Stability or Endless Regulatory Battles

There can be no stability for parents under the current home education law, RSA 193-A. Parents are forced to oppose yearly attempts to increase regulation. No other educators in the state have faced so many legislative assaults.

Even if they did, educators in schools have administrators and lawyers to deal with legislative affairs. Home educators are the least affluent segment of the education field. Their home education programs are adversely affected by repetitive legislative assaults upon their right to instruct their children at home.

Parents First would
like to see parents return to the important task of instructing their children without constant fear of increased state regulation. Recognizing that the parent's duty to instruct his child
supersedes the state's duty will eliminate this endless tug of war over regulation that has plagued New Hampshire for twenty years.

On November 1, 2008 the House Education Committee released it's report on its study of the Home Education Law, recommending that "the law, as it is, remain in place, and no changes be made at this time in the interest of stability and continuity." Yet, that same year Rep. Judith Day, member of the House Education Committee, submitted not one, but two more bills, HB 367 and HB 368, designed to increase regulation upon home educators. HB 368 has been retained in committee to study the Home Education Law one more time, considering additional ways to increase regulation upon parents.

Amending the existing home education law RSA 193-A will never resolve this problem. Only by recognizing the importance of
the parent's duty to instruct his child will this battle ever end.