Friday, October 2, 2009

Equal Treatment under the Law

Under NH law, there is no state oversight for non-public educators, only public educators. Oversight of public education is necessary to insure the proper use of public funds.

Parents are not public educators; parents are not employed by the state to instruct their children. Yet for 20 years the state has required oversight of their private homeschooling programs. Why are parents being treated like public educators?

---Non-public educators do not have to demonstrate that their students are learning.

Home educators must demonstrate "educational progress for age and ability at a level commensurate with [the child's] ability." (RSA 193-A:6) Parents must seek approval of their programs annually, otherwise, they are assumed guilty of educational neglect. This is not equitable!

---Non-public educators have no risk of probation or termination of their programs if their students fail.

Home educators operate under the constant threat of probation or termination of their educational program. Why are home educators being treated inequitably?

Parents First believes in equal treatment under the law. Parents are not public educators. The state must cherish the interests of literature and the sciences, but it has no right to regulate some non-public educators (home educators) while ignoring others (private school educators).