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Complied Statutes of the State of New Hampshire in 1854

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Published by G. Parker Lyon.

Chapter 78.
Of Truant Children and Absentees from School.
Identical with
Chapter 1278, Laws of 1852.
Section 1. Each of the several cities and towns in this State be and they hereby are authorized and empowered to make all needful provisions and arrangements concerning habitual truants and children not attending school, without any regular and lawful occupation, growing up in ignorance, between the ages of six and sixteen years; and also all such ordinances and by-laws respecting such children as shall be deemed most conducive to their welfare and the good order of such city or town; and there shall be annexed to such ordinances suitable penalties, not exceeding for any one breach a fine of ten dollars: provided, that said ordinances and by-laws shall not be repugnant to the laws of this state. Laws of 1852, ch. 1278, sec. 1; C.S. ch. 78, sec.1
(page 180)

Section 3. Any minor between the ages of six and sixteen years, convicted under the provisions of this act, of being an habitual truant, or of not attending school, or of being without any regular and lawful occupation, or growing up in ignorance, may, at the discretion of the justice of the peace or judicial officer having jurisdiction of the case, instead of the fine mention in the first section, be committed to any said institution of instruction, house of reformation, or suitable situation as may be provided for the purpose under the authority given in said first section, for such time as such justice or judicial officer may determine, not exceeding one year. Laws of 1848, ch. 1278, sec. 3; C.S. ch. 78, sec. 3.