Thursday, February 4, 2010

Summary of the Problem & Action to be Taken Immediately


Rep. Emma Rous, Democratic Chairman of the House Education Committee, attempted a coup around the House of Representatives last week, submitting a letter to the NH Department of Education seeking to increase regulations on all home educators, using the very same regulations from a recently failed home education bill, House Bill 368.
On January 13th, 2010 hundreds of home educators rallied in frigid weather in front of the State House in opposition to HB 368. The House voted on the floor 324-34 that HB 368 was Inexpedient To Legislate, presumably putting this bill to rest once and for all.
This overwhelming vote did not stop the determined Rep. Rous and eight disgruntled members in the Minority on the House Education Committee from advising the NH Department of Education on January 25th to increase regulations upon all home educators in the same manner as prescribed in House Bill 368. Rep. Rous is on a personal mission to increase regulation on home educators in New Hampshire, undermining parents’ fundamental rights without due process of the law.
On February 2nd the members of the Majority on the House Education Committee learned what had transpired behind their backs and asked for a retraction of Rep. Rous’ letter. Home educators across the state are also extremely upset after discovering Rep. Rous' inappropriate letter to the Department of Education. It is difficult to be the victim of attacks by legislators who use their power inappropriately, discriminating against responsible citizens.

Rep. Rous stacked the deck against home educators again by establishing a subcommittee to be chaired by a representative who missed the hearing on HB 1580 and does not fully understand the issues involved, despite her adamant stance in opposition to the measure.


Regardless of all this maneuvering, HB 1580 is not dead! Rep. Rous and other members of the HEC would like homeschoolers to believe that parents don't have a chance to get this bill passed, despite their seemingly polite talk about "supporting" homeschooling in an executive session yesterday while cutting the bill to pieces. Parents need to call members of the House Education Committee and tell them that HB 1580 --OUGHT TO PASS!!

Parents do not have to let these legislators destroy our bill. Parents need to talk to these legislators one-by-one and set up meetings with them to discuss these important issues over coffee and explain our position.

If you can't meet with legislators, then please call or email your comments. Keep them polite and to the point. Talking points below. Please help. Everyone's contribution is needed!

Here's a starting point so parents can begin to take back HB 1580 ....


--Parents are not happy with the HEC's efforts to destroy HB 1580

--Parents have fundamental rights! These rights can't be just brushed aside without due process.

--Even DCYS provides
due process before restricting Parental Rights

--Assuming all parents are
guilty until they prove themselves innocent is not due process.

--Homeschoolers are not asking that
legislators prove themselves capable of understanding the NH Constitution prior to legislating... even though uninformed and ignorant legislators can adversely impact the lives of our children!

--Why are legislators asking that
parents prove themselves capable of teaching their children prior to carrying out their parental duties?

--The state has no "compelling" interest in education. It has an interest and may compel attendance when parents neglect their duty. The significant point is when the parents neglect their duty, not in anticipation thereof as they are doing with home schoolers. If there were a "compelling" interest, there wouldn't be any private schools. Compulsion is the result of failure or abdication of duty by the parents.

Members of the sub-committee marked in *bold.

*Boehm, Ralph


Burke, Rachel


*Casey, Kimberley


Clarke, Claire


Day, Judith


Fleck, Joseph


*Harvey, Philip


*Hutchinson, Karen

(H)4349415 (W)4349415

Ingbretson, Paul

(H)9893092 (W)6251221

Ladd, Rick

(H)9893268 (W)4431509

Laurent, John


O'Neil, James


Price, Pamela


Reever, Judith


Rous, Emma


Shaw, Barbara


*Shaw, Kimberly


Stiles, Nancy


Ward, Brien

(H)4446945 (W)4445499

Yeaton, Charles