Friday, February 5, 2010

Home school families shocked by Rep. Rous' letter

Home school families shocked by letter sent by state representative

to NH Department of Education

February 4, 10:56 AM Southern New Hampshire Education Examiner Tammy Andrew

January 13th, 2010 House Bill 368 (HB368) was voted 324-34 as Inexpedient To Legislate. Home educators throughout the state who were part of a grassroots effort to stop the bill presumed the bill would no longer haunt them.
February 2nd, less than one month later, the members of the Majority on the House Education Committee learned of a letter written by Rep. Emma Rous, Democratic Chairman of the House Education Committee to the NH Department of Education on January 25th. Rep. Rous' letter, endorsed by eight other members of the House Education Committee, sought increased regulations on home educators similar to the recently failed HB368. In response, the House Education Committee members have asked for a retraction of Rep. Rous’ letter.

Home educators across the state are also extremely upset with Rep. Rous after discovering her letter to the Department of Education. "It is difficult to be the victim of repeated attacks by legislators who hold and use their power inappropriately, discriminating against responsible citizens," states Doris Hohensee, from the New Hampshire Alliance for Home Education. She adds that it seems, "Rep. Rous is on a personal mission to increase regulation on home educators in New Hampshire, undermining parents’ fundamental rights without due process of the law."