Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sub-committee Work Session on HB 1580 next Tuesday!

Dear Home Schoolers and Friends:

A sub-committee of the House Education Committee is scheduled to meet to amend
HB 1580 on Tuesday, February 9, 2010. NH Parents First urges you to contact the
representatives list below and, if at all possible, attend the sub-committee work session
at the Legislative Office Building in Room 207 at 12:30 pm.

Please tell the representatives listed below that HB 1580 Ought to Pass without amendment.

HB 1580 recognizes that parents, not the state, have the primary duty to instruct their
children. If this bill is passes New Hampshire would be the first state in the country to
overturn the requirements of a very burdensome home education law. Parents would
no longer be required to submit to annual evaluations to public or private school
oversight agencies. Parents would no longer need to worry about their home education
programs being placed on probation. Parents would finally be allowed to instruct their
children in freedom!

HB 1580 does not eliminate the current home education law. It allows parents to
continue homeschooling under the current home education law, or to responsibly
instruct their children in freedom!

Please band together with hundreds of other New Hampshire home schoolers and
take action to defend your freedom. We need to make sure hostile legislators don't
rewrite this great bill into something that would restrict our freedoms.

The Tenth Amendment says the powers not granted to the federal government are
powers retained by the States and the people. Some of those powers the people
granted to the state. The people elected their state legislators who then adopted
neglect and abuse laws. So, in that sense, the people already ceded a limited
amount of their authority to the state to protect children from abusive and neglectful

Similarly, regarding education, the people ceded to the State the authority to adopt
laws regarding public and private schools, and the authority to adopt compulsory
attendance statutes. However, it is a fundamental right of parents to educate their
children. Parent can not be required to cede authority to the state to determine
when and how law abiding parents, who have the presumption of innocence, can
choose to educate their children. If parents are not educating their children, that's
when the state has the authority to compel attendance in public school because
the people have ceded that authority to the state.

Please stand together for freedom!


Please call or write to these House Education Committee members. Sub-committee
members are marked in *bold type; it is very important to contact these representatives
immediately! Rep. Casey is the chair of the sub-committee. It is very important to remind
her to support parental rights!!

*Boehm, Ralph G


Burke, Rachel B


*Casey, Kimberley


Clarke, Claire D


Day, Judith E


Fleck, Joseph W


*Harvey, Philip R


*Hutchinson, Karen

(H)4349415 (W)4349415

Ingbretson, Paul

(H)9893092 (W)6251221

Ladd, Rick M

(H)9893268 (W)4431509

Laurent, John J


O'Neil, James M


Price, Pamela G


Reever, Judith T


Rous, Emma L


Shaw, Barbara E


*Shaw, Kimberly C


Stiles, Nancy F


Ward, Brien L

(H)4446945 (W)4445499

Yeaton, Charles B