Monday, June 14, 2010

NH Home Education Law Reclassified Due to Hostile Legislative Climate

Parents in New Hampshire have experienced four long years of hostile legislative proposals and regulatory attacks upon their right to teach their children at home. From the Department of Education to the House Education Committee, parents have faced a hostile regulatory attempts in every direction. The Home Education Advisory Council has been circumvented by the Department of Education in its attempt to increase regulation. The overwhelming defeat of the onerous HB 368 by 324-34 didn't prevent the House Education Committee from seeking the same regulations through the rules process.

As result of all this hostility, HSLDA has reclassified New Hampshire from a moderately regulated, "orange state" to a hostile, "red state" which has the most burdensome level of home education regulation in the country. Only six other states share this "red state" status: North Dakota, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. See the HSLDA website for more details: