Friday, April 23, 2010

Legislative Update

NH Parents First supported legislation this year that would have restored due process rights to parents who were instructing their children at home. This legislation, House Bill 1580, sponsored by Rep. Ingbretson, Hogan, Vita, and Willette came within 16 votes of passing the House.

The near success of this effort was due to the hard work of hundreds of parents who rallied at the State House in Concord, contacted their state representatives and attended public hearings, committee meetings and House sessions in Reps Hall. It was a remarkable effort that brought parents very close to victory!

H.B. 1580 was devised through lengthy discussions over the past year on LegalizeHomeschooling by a coalition of parents across the state.

Negotiations have begun for next year's legislation. Some parents felt HB 1580 did not go far enough to restore parent's rights as it left the current home education law, RSA 193-A, in place. Others worried that eliminating RSA 193-A would divide the home school community and needlessly worry parents, who were comfortable with the current law.

GIven the confusion that two options for home instruction created this year, many parents are getting behind a proposal to completely eliminate RSA 193-A and restore due process rights for all parents instructing their children at home. HSLDA has also given its support to a proposal that would replace the current law.