Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Restoring the "Presumption of Innocence"

HB 1580 would restore the "presumption of innocence" (of educational neglect) for all parents who instruct their children at home.

NH parents are tired of legislators and others presuming … without any evidence or due process of the law… that all parents are irresponsible.

On its face their presumption is illogical... as well as unconstitutional. A child wouldn't fall for their line: "Please be responsible, but don't ever expect us to treat you as such."

It's primarily the parent's duty to instruct his child, not the state's.

This bill would provide an option for parents instructing their children at home, which is safe from unprovoked attacks like HB 368. The old regulations under RSA 193-A will remain in place for those who prefer that option. Having two options will allow parents greater flexibility and liberty.


This bill establishes that parents have a natural, fundamental right to determine and direct the education of their children. The bill also exempts children who are receiving educational instruction from a parent from the compulsory attendance requirements.