Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Proposed PARENT FIRST Legislation

Summary of proposed legislation:

Parent's duty to instruct the child supersedes the state's duty
  • re-establishes historic obligation of parent to instruct his child
  • eliminates unequal treatment under current home education law
  • elaborates parental duty by listing subjects (taken from current "home education" law) to be instructed in the same manner as the Connecticut statute
  • parental duty to instruct (compulsory instruction clause) is clearly separated by "OR" from any obligation under the compulsory attendance clause
"Home Education" law remains unchanged
  • at the parent's request, districts or nonpublic schools may work with parents
  • parents have the option to notify and submit evaluations
  • "drop outs" from 16-18 years old and their parents can work with the district
  • laws dealing with truancy, negligent parents or child labor laws exist elsewhere in statute